Signs he’s about to propose


He’s been talking about marriage

If he’s not asking you whether you feel ready to get married he’s constantly making remarks about marriage. This could be a sign that he’s made up his mind about letting go of his bachelor title to settle down with you.

He looks nervous

You know your man and he certainly doesn’t get nervous over nothing. It’s either he’ll start hiding things from you, because well? He doesn’t want you to accidentally see his perfect plan. He might also always ask what you’re doing in the bedroom because that’s where he’s been hiding the ring for the past week.

Your family is offish as well

At times, guys feel it’s important that they ask for consent and blessings from your family. If this is the case, then you’ll be having a very difficult time understanding the reason behind their strange behaviour.

He’s affectionate

Being all over each other is nothing out of the ordinary for couples however when he starts over doing it; it might be because he’s too excited.

He’s discussing baecations

There’s never the right or wrong time to go on holiday with your partner but you need to be aware of how the preparations are done. Is he including you in all the plans or did he just tell you to pack? If your trip is more of a surprise then brace yourself as a bigger surprise awaits when you get to your destination.

He can’t stop saying ‘I love you’

This is just to reassure you in case you have forgotten. It’s also a great way to soften you up ahead of the big question. He wants you to be so confident in your relationship that there’s no chance of saying no.

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