Seven things to know before going natural

Woman with natural hair
Woman with natural hair

1. Everyone has a unique curl pattern

You may be tempted to use products that your favourite YouTuber is using only to find you don’t get the same results. The reason for this is, your hair is not the same. Experts have identified four different types of curl types (straight, wavy, curly or tightlly coiled/kinky). Learn how your hair needs to be treated and follow a hair regime that works for you.

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2. Know your hair porosity

Hair porosity simply means how absorbent your hair is to water. Low porosity means your hair doesn’t take in water very well as the hair cuticles are tightly packed. High porosity on the other hand absorbs water very well.

To test the porosity of your hair, take a strand of hair and drop it in a glass of water. If the hair strand sinks the bottom, you have high porosity. If it floats on top you have low porosity.

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3. Moisture, moisture, moisture

Dry hair breaks, so moisturise your hair every day. Always hydrate hair with water before applying an oil or butter. For hair with low porosity, use warm water to moisturise your hair as this opens up the cuticles. For better moisturised hair, try the LOC (liquid, oil, crème) method to retain moisture for kinky hair. Start off by hydrating the hair with water, follow with an oil and finish off by applying a butter or crème.

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4. Sleep with twists or three strand braids

This prevents hair breakage that is as a result of knots and tangles that form while you sleep.

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5. Deep condition at least once a month

Deep conditioning is a process of feeding the hair with protein or moisture. Our hair is made of 15% moisture and 85% protein, and in order for it to be healthy and strong, you need to find the perfect moisture-protein balance, which you can achieve through regular deep conditioning treatments.

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6. Sleep with a satin scarf

Cotton draws the moisture out of the hair, so it’s advisable to sleep on satin which retains moisture in the hair.

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7. Avoid heat at all costs

Heat causes breakage and damage, and once you have heat damage, it’s very difficult to reverse.

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