5 reasons why owning a satin bonnet is a good idea for your hair, skin and more

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Pamela Mtanga wears a red satin bonnet.
Pamela Mtanga wears a red satin bonnet.
Photo: @pamela_mtanga/Instagram

Many are rocking their bonnets in their selfcare posts and we’re seeing it being advertised everywhere. But, what’s the big fuss about satin hair bonnets? Well, everything!

According to Naturally Curly, sleeping in a satin hair bonnet is excellent for keeping your natural hair in good condition while you sleep. Satin is less harsh on your hair than the normal cotton doeks, making it a better alternative in most cases. 

Here are five more reasons why you should switch from cotton doeks to satin bonnets when you go to bed:

1. Healthier hair

In an article written by Grace Eleyae, founder of the Grace Eleyae Inc hair company, satin bonnets keep your hair protected from the dryness caused by the friction between your hair and moisture-absorbing materials such as cotton. As a result, you are most likely to have healthier hair that is free from breakage, split ends, tangling and thinning.

2. It looks cute

Satin hair bonnets come in different colours and that attractively shiny/gloss material looks good on everyone. Choose a cute colour that matches your pyjamas and you instantly have a cute bed-time look. Some satin bonnets are even reversible and offer you the best of two colours - talk about effortless bedtime slayage!

3. Helps retain styling

If you’re the type of person that's not a fan of styling your hair every morning, then you should consider getting a satin hair bonnet as it will help to retain the previous day’s hairstyle as you sleep. Giving you almost ready-to-go hair in the morning, where little to no effort needed. 

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4. It works on all hair types

Whether you want to sleep in your natural hair, relaxed hair, braids or your favourite wig – satin hair bonnets will protect your hair, no matter how you have it. The elasticity around the bonnet allows it to stretch to fit your hair, in whichever form it may be in.

5. Prevents your skin from getting breakouts

According to, hair can pick up pathogens from air and since washing our hair daily is not recommended, bonnets can help to prevent those pathogens from going on our pillow sheets while we sleep, thus preventing them from touching our faces.

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