Wig Care 101 | The dos and don'ts

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Woman spraying product on her wig.
Woman spraying product on her wig.
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According to research conducted by Reuters, the dry hair industry - which includes human hair wigs - is one of the biggest industries across the globe.

Coming in different textures, styles, colours and lengths – wigs are perfect for quickly switching up your entire look without having to go to a salon or having to make a permanent change to your hair.

It's no secret that wigs do not come cheap and the way you care for them impacts their lifespan

Celebrity hairstylist, Ohaekwuzie Ekene Daniel ,who is the owner of popular hair studio in Maboneng, Multiple Hair ,tells TRUELOVE all about the dos and don’ts when it comes to wigs.

Choosing the right wig

Finding a place that sells wigs nowadays is quite easy, but it's not as easy to identify good quality hair that will react well to styling methods such as heating and colouring.

“A good quality wig must feel like real hair and be soft to the touch. Unlike synthetic hair that won’t last you very long, human hair does not appear to be very shiny and the curls and waves normally appear to be fuller,” Daniel says.

“If you are buying hair online, I’d advise that you read people’s reviews on the hair in order for you to be confident and comfortable before making your purchase,” he adds.

Wig dos

Get good products for your hair

Whether you are getting a straight or a curly wig, you should also invest in products that will keep your hair looking healthy such as sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners as well as a good quality straightener.

“A good straightener is probably one of the best tools you can buy for your hair. Straighteners are essential in ensuring that your hair always looks good. Make sure to also use a heat protectant before using the straightener on your hair,” Daniel says.

Wash your wig regularly

“I would recommend deeply washing your hair at least once every two months to avoid odour. Washing your hair too often with shampoo can cause the hair to be dry and therefore it won’t really last long. Remember to use a sulfate-free shampoo when washing your hair,” he suggests.

Use conditioner to detangle your wig

“Rather than washing your hair every week, it is better to rather condition it every week to keep it healthy. Conditioner helps to detangle the hair while also adding the necessary nutrients to it to help it stay healthier for longer,” he explains.

Store the wig properly

Daniel says that how you store the wig plays a role in preserving its lifespan. He recommends that you hang the wig, as it helps to also keeps the style in place.

“Wig dolls are great for hanging your wigs after you take them off, they also help to maintain the shape of the wig cap,” he says.

Use low heat on your hair

Because straighteners are used regularly for the styling of hair, too much heat can cause damage to the hair.

“Rather use the lower heat setting to straighten your hair, especially for colour-treated hair. Using high heat, especially without a heat protectant, will damage your hair forever,” he says.

Wig don’ts

Keep your hair away from chlorine

Although it may seem like a great idea to enter the pool with your inches, Daniel is highly against this as it causes more damage than good.

“The chlorine chemical is not good for any type of hair. Once chlorine mixes with your wig, forget about it going back to its normal condition, no matter the quality of it. Rather take the wig off when entering the pool,” he recommends.

Don’t experiment with your wig

“If you are not a professional stylist then you should not experiment with your wig because you can easily damage it. Go to your nearest salon with trained stylists who knows how to colour hair, how to cut it and how to style it,” he warns.

Do not use a rattle comb

“There are different types of combs out there but for wigs never use narrow tooth combs. These combs will cause your wigs to shed quickly, rather use wide tooth combs and brushes for your wigs because they will not break the hair on the wig,” he says.

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