“I collaborate with brands I’ve always admired or that fit in with my voice”- Yoliswa Mqoco

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Who influenced your love for beauty and fashion?

My mom. She’s as a fashion enthusiast and guru. My earliest childhood and fondest memories all have fashion and beauty involved in them, all thanks to my fabulous mom.

What sets your style apart?

I think I’m kind of known for sporting a variety of eccentric head gear. Colourful berets, straw hats and sky-high turbans are my thing. I also like really bright colours and bold prints, I try to dress exactly how my personality is set up – a little bit all over the place but bubbly, fun and will probably make you smile.

How do you choose who to collaborate with?

I collaborate with brands I’ve either always admired or that fit in with my voice or brand as a whole. If it doesn’t speak to me on either one of those levels, then I probably won’t do it.

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Why did you get involved with the Love Scotch campaign?

I’m set on aligning my brand with more lifestyle brands and experiences this year. I thought the Love Scotch campaign would be a great way to start the year and there’s also just been so much demand from my audience to take this route, I’m sure they will be really receptive to this campaign.

What’s your take on whisky being a gentleman’s drink?

Total BS! If fact, I remember being at a whisky pairing dinner last year and I’ve never felt sexier, and looking around the room at other beautiful black women, having their whisky I thought, wow, whisky actually belongs to us.

If whisky was a clothing item, which one would it be and why?

A sexy lacy corset with suspenders attached to it. I think whisky for me is more about how it makes me feel when I drink it, more than anything. The feeling of sultriness and sexiness never fails to exist. And like a corset, if the whisky is paired perfectly with a good meal, it holds everything together and not forgetting that it’s naturally strong and apparent taste.

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