Safety tips to consider when shopping online with your credit card

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If you are amongst many customers who are taking advantage of the ease and convenience of shopping online with their credit cards, it is important to empower yourself with  a few tips to keep your card details safe whenever you shop online.

Chris Labuschagne, CEO of Credit Card at FNB says, “Online shopping continues to be a growing trend in South Africa. More and more consumers regularly buy everything from basic household necessities to clothing, gifts and gadgets at the click of a button. Not only is it safe and convenient, you earn eBucks every time you shop online with your FNB credit card.”

“However, to continuously get the best experience when shopping online, it is important to ensure that you are not caught off guard by online fraudsters.”

He shares some tips for consumers to consider when shopping online with their credit cards.

  • Ensure that you are buying from reputable sites and Apps
  • Enter the provider’s website by typing in the web address yourself instead of accessing it via a search engine as it might lead you to a spoofed site.
  • Never access the website from a link you receive in an e-mail or sms.
  • Make sure that you are not on a spoof site by clicking on the security icon on your browser tool bar, to see a Padlock and that the URL begins with https rather than http.
  • Never save your personal and banking details on any merchant website. if the option presents itself, always remember to click ‘No’.
  • Always remember to log off immediately when you have finished shopping.
  • Always ensure you download the latest anti-virus software on your PC and mobile device where possible.
  • Never provide your credit card details unless you've initiated the transaction.

Also ensure Online Secure is activated on your credit card as it provides an extra layer of security that keeps you safe and in control when shopping online. How does it work? It will generate a One Time Pin that will be sent to you when completing your purchase, and will be required before finalising your purchase at a registered website.

This is done so you can enjoy the convenience of shopping online and still remain in full control of your security. Remember, FNB will never ask you to share your One Time Pin over email, sms or phone, so keep it safe.

“Following these quick safety precautions and keeping up to date with the measures that your bank is using to prevent online fraud will give you peace of mind when shopping online with your credit card,” concludes Labuschagne.

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