5 things to remember when you introduce him to your family


He’s nervous

Even the most outgoing of men can get a bit shaken when they have to meet their partner’s family. These are the people that have spent all their lives with you so naturally they want what’s best for you and all he wants is to prove that he can give you the best. Avoid putting him on the spot by asking him tough questions, he doesn’t need more pressure from you.

He’s trying

Instead of giving him the funny look when he answers your dad’s ‘what are your intentions’ question jump in and save him if need be. He might slip and say something he wasn’t supposed to, give him a break, he’s human and therefore bound to make mistakes.

Don’t overwhelm him

You know your man so don’t be pressured to take him to a big family event when you know he won’t be comfortable. An informal setting over lunch is ideal. He’ll still be himself, but the at the same time, make an impression, hopefully a good one.

Trust him

For you to get to a point where you’re comfortable with allowing him into that part of your life means you probably see a future with him and so does he. Trust him that he’ll do his best so don’t overthink it. No-one want’s to intentionally make a bad first impression with their potential future inlaws, so he definitely won’t embarrass you.

Give him a brief background

In any setting it’s always best to familiarise yourself with the people you’re going to meet prior. Without revealing your family’s deepest secrets give him a brief background on each of your family members. Tell him about their interests, values and beliefs. This will give him an idea of what to talk about and at the same time what to avoid talking about. 

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