How to date before your divorce is final


Don’t do it until you’re ready

If the process is dragging on for too long and you think you’re ready to move on, make sure you’re no longer emotionally invested in your previous marriage as this might cause a lot of problems in your new relationship.  

Avoid getting in too deep

You just came out of a long-term commitment so be careful not to get in too deep, too quickly. Use this time to let loose and have fun in the dating scene without the pressures of long commitment.

Familiarise yourself with dating scene

This is for people who’ve been married for many years. Being with the same person for a long time can keep you out of touch with the dating scene. It’ll be to your advantage that you get to know where people meet  and couples hang out.

Avoid old spots

If there were particular spots that you used to go to with your ex then it’s best you stay away from them as this can end up being awkward. Regardless of whether the divorce is a mutual or not, your ex doesn’t want to meet your current man, and vice versa, especially if things aren’t finalised yet.

Be careful about what you say

If you still get worked up when you talk about your ex then it’s best you avoid any discussion that has to do with him and ask your partner to respect your decision to do so. 

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