How to overcome genophobia

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Don’t watch porn 

Porn is made to get people off, and for that purpose, it works. But listen, porn isn’t real, it exaggerates everything. Girls do not normally have breasts like that and men do not have those gigantic penises. Don’t allow porn to control your sex life, because it’s not real.

Talk to your partner

Of course this goes without saying, but make sure that your partner is an understanding person that you can easily talk to about anything. If you're scared of having sex, he needs to know that so he can help you overcome your fear of having sex. You could perhaps ask him to guide you through it and show you what he likes.

Find the root problem

No one simply just develops a fear of sex overnight. Something must have happened. Do you have a past of physical or sexual abuse? Are you having self-esteem issues with your body? For every fear, there is a cause that started it all. You need to sit down with yourself and find the root cause. What happened in your past to get you to this point? If your fear of sex is simply because you’re still a virgin, well, that’s understandable.

Talk to a therapist 

To be honest, if you don’t have a group of supportive people around you, you won’t be so giving with information. Even if you’re talking to friends and family about your fear of sex, you should consult a therapist. They’ll be able to look at your issue from a third person’s perspective and will suggest programmes for you to help overcome your fear of sex.

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