Pros and cons of giving it up on the first date



Evaluate the chemistry

We’d like to believe the reason you would do it on the first date is that there’s chemistry. Once you know that you aren’t sexually compatible you don’t have to waste three months of you life trying to figure out if things will change or not.

You’ll have a good time

Sometimes all you want is to have the best sex with no pressure for a long-term relationship. Maybe you just came out of a bad relationship and this is a great way for you to let your hair loose.

Health benefits

It’s no secret that the more sex you have the more radiant your skin becomes. Maybe lately you’ve been feeling down and it’s been reflecting in your skin and mood. The best remedy for this is found in between the sheets.


He could take advantage of you

You could be hoping that something emerges from your night of passion only to find that he saw you as a one-night stand. In addition, he could also string you along for the longest time as a booty call.

Potentially ruining a good thing

Nothing can ruin a relationship that had the potential of being a good one than moving too fast. Make sure you agree about this to avoid being pushed away. This can sting and be very embarassing.

Contracting a disease

Think about it, you just met and you probably haven’t disclosed your sexual history. Chances of you getting a life-threatening disease are very high. For your safety, make sure you know the person well enough before allowing them into that part of your life.

Assume a relationship

No matter how much you tell yourself that it was nothing more than sex, deep down you hope for something more. And naturally when you get intimate with someone, you leave a tiny of yourself with them each time. 

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