Clere launches stylish new lotions bottle shapes

Clere launches stylish new bottles
Clere launches stylish new bottles

On a warm summer’s morning beauty editors, bloggers and influencers were introduced to Clere’s stylish new lotions bottle shape. Themed Your Shape, Your Way, the launch combined beauty, nutrition and movement, and how all three contribute to a healthier, happier, more beautiful you.  

“The name Clere has been synonymous with soft, smooth, beautiful looking skin for over 60 years. It’s a favourite in South African homes. Our new look has been a long time coming. We wanted to create something to take us into the next beauty era, while still reflecting the brand’s heritage. What we’ve created is sleek, sophisticated and eye-catching on shelf. Our message of loving your beautiful skin remains, we’ve just enhanced it by creating ‘the new shape of love,’” explained Clere brand manager, Su-Marie Annandale on the day. 

The morning was a celebration of body positivity. Clere has been a long-time advocate of creating a positive body image and, in a world where the emphasis on looking good often unfortunately overrides what’s on the inside, it was refreshing for all in attendance. 

Nutritionist and dietician, Christine Peters, spoke about how making small changes to your diet such as adding fresh fruits and vegetables, eating regular meals, and not letting yourself get to the point of starvation when you’ll ultimately crave an unhealthy snack, will not only make you feel better, but will make you look better too. “What we put into our bodies has a direct impact on how we look,” Peters noted. 

The 30-minute Pilates session proved that exercise needn’t be an arduous task. An enjoyable half an hour of daily exercise will have you feeling and looking healthier.  

Clere’s 10 fragrance variants; Nourishing Tropical Fruit, Pampering Powder Fresh, Luxurious Vanilla Honey Cream, Pampering Argan Butter, Luxurious Rich Musk, Nourishing Lanolin and Glycerine, Nourishing Tropical Coconut, Smoothing Avocado Milk, Pampering Berries and Cream, and Nourishing Cocoa Butter, are available now in the new lotions bottle shape. 

“The added skin benefits of our NutriMoist formulation, enriched with glycerine gel and Vitamins E & A to keep your skin moisturised for 48 hours, and Clere’s Luxurious Vanilla Honey Cream body lotion’s NutriRich formulation enriched with tissue oil and Vitamins E & A, specially formulated for dry to very dry skin, remains,” added Annandale. 

The morning’s experience of Pilates, nutritional advice, delicious food and fresh juices, that complemented the different Clere fragrances, was shared by guests using the hashtag #ShapeofClere. 

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