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With the d6 Connect app you can let other parents in your community know that you’re looking for a lift for your child.

How many times have you as parent stopped in front of your child’s school only to see your neighbour park their car next to you? You both drove from the same neighbourhood to the same school and didn’t even know you were making the same trip.

The d6 Connect app now enables parents to help each other with lifts for their children. With the launch of this ride-sharing service earlier this year, it became clear that there are more parents looking for lifts than you may think.

To inform other parents in the school of this need, a new functionality was built into the app. Parents in need of a specific ridesharing opportunity for their child can now log a request within the school community. When parents with free space in their vehicles log into the platform to create rides, they’ll be able to see where in their community lifts are required and then help those parents in need.

Parents who want to request a ride: In the d6 Connect app, go to “rides” under the “more” section. When you click on “book a trip”, you’ll see the option to “request a trip”.

Parents who can offer rides: Go to “rides” in the d6 Connect app. When you click on “create a trip”, you’ll be able to see if there are any requests for lifts in your community and how you can help by offering a ride.

If you already have the app on your phone, click here to open the page with the ride-sharing function. Or find out more here.

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