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If there’s one wish every parent has this year, it’s that we all stay healthy. Healthy children mean more days at school, more mental energy to concentrate on schoolwork, as well as more energy to perform their best at school sports. One could say a healthy child equals a happy child – equals a happy parent!

We all know that doctors often prescribe probiotics after you’ve taken antibiotics. This is to restore the microbiome in your gut. But did you know that 70 % of the immune system is housed in the gut and that stress and an imbalanced gut can leave you struggling with bloating, constipation, diarrhoea or other symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome? 1,2 It’s near impossible to concentrate on anything if you feel uncomfortable – even more so in your stomach or gut.

And certain studies have pointed towards other, lesser-known benefits, for instance, a healthy digestive tract can also play a role in preventing immune dysfunction, allergies and obesity3,4,5. To top it all, up to 90 % of the body’s serotonin (the happy hormones) is produced in the gut6!

In short, probiotics are an excellent way to boost one part of your child’s health1,2,3,4,5,6 – and you can rest easy knowing that you are doing your part to help keep your number one priority healthy this school year.

But how do you add probiotics to a child’s diet? One option is to add foods with probiotics, like yoghurt – make sure you check the label for the words ‘live cultures’ - and other fermented foods (kefir, kimchi and some cheese – provided they contain live cultures)7,8,9. But it is important to get a probiotic and enough of it on a daily basis, and one way to do this is to take a probiotic supplement. This is also ideal for children who struggle to eat a varied diet or who are recovering from an illness.  

entiro™ PROBIOTIC is one such supplement, and they have a wide range which is suited for the whole family, including tasty Chewable tablets and FastMelts which is ideal for children because they don’t have to be swallowed like capsules. The entiro™ PROBIOTIC Chews come in delicious raspberry and cherry flavours and are suitable for children three years and older, as well as diabetics10. The entiro™ PROBIOTIC FastMelt option comes in red berry flavour and has a yummy sherbet effect in the mouth – no need for water11! They are individually packed so you can easily pop one into a lunchbox, and they are suitable for diabetics and children as young as one year and older. 

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