Peace of mind for when your child needs a lift


Need a lift for your child but worried about their safety? Then this new community-based ride-sharing service is your answer! Found in the d6 Connect app, it creates a lifting network with other parents in your community. Let your child ‘zipalong’!

Juggling work with taking your children to school and sport activities has always been tricky, but with today’s insanely busy schedules, it’s even more challenging. It’s no wonder so many parents feel overwhelmed. On top of this, you’re worried about their safety and don’t want them to get in the car with just anyone.

You can book a ride for a specific day or create a trip where you have space in your vehicle

Cue your trusted helping-hand, at the touch of a button on your cellphone: a ride sharing service in the d6 Connect app. Now there is an easy and, more importantly, safe solution! While there are some parents who need lifts, there are those who can pick up and drop off their children, and they often do so with empty seats in their vehicles. This new ride sharing service connects these two parents – those needing a ride with those that have driving capacity. As a bonus, the app creates extra revenue opportunities for driving parents.

How it works:

Your Gr 7 daughter needs to be collected from school, but you have a video meeting scheduled with a very important client. You hop on d6 Connect, go to Rides, look for and find a parent within the community who is already picking up their child at the same time. When the driving parent arrives, she also picks up your child. In the app your child is called a Zipalong. You get notified of every step along the way for extra peace of mind.

d6 Connect allows parents to:

  • Connect with driving parents on the d6 Connect app in the same community.
  • You can book a ride for a specific day or create a trip when you have space in your vehicle.
  • Decide who your child will be traveling with or who travels with you.
  • Track all trips. You will receive notifications alerting you when your child has been picked up and/or dropped off and will also be able to track your child’s journey on a map via live tracking.
  • Pre-book trips and share the details of the trip with your child.
  • Edit or cancel trips ahead of time.

Grab a ride in the d6 Connect app! If your school doesn’t have it yet, ask them about it so you can also benefit from this exciting new service. 

Convenient, easy and safe, the ride sharing service, powered by Zipalong, in d6 Connect allows you to be part of the future of school transportation. For more information visit: or email [email protected]

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