The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is the ultimate gadget for productivity


Say hello to the brand-new, updated Galaxy Fold – the Galaxy Z Fold2

When Samsung first launched the Galaxy Fold last year, it represented one of the biggest leaps forward in mobile technology since the first smartphones arrived a decade ago. Using cutting-edge hinge technology, this smartphone could fold like a book, stand on it’s own and break the rules of what you though a smartphone could do.

What’s new

Now, Samsung continues to pioneer an entirely new category of mobile devices by introducing the next generation of foldables: the Galaxy Z Fold2. This smartphone is for users who want the unique, innovative foldable form factor and enjoy the latest technological innovations. The Galaxy Z Fold2 combines the portability and flexibility of a smartphone with the power and screen size of a tablet for ultimate productivity. 

Galaxy Z Fold2
The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Whether folded or unfolded, you can enjoy a luxury mobile experience with Galaxy Z Fold2’s premium design. Hidden behind the Samsung logo on the back, the state-of-the-art hinge is designed to smooth out every fold and unfold.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 comes packed with two edge-to-edge, nearly bezel-less infinity-O displays. Open the smartphone to reveal a 7,6 inch tablet-like display, made with Samsung ultra-thin glass for smooth flexibility. When folded, it is a cutting-edge smartphone with a 6,2 inch screen, delivering one-handed comfort. Both the 6,2 inch cover screen and 7,6 inch main screen is larger that that of the Galaxy Z Fold. It comes in two stunning colours: Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze.

With Galaxy Z Fold2, Samsung continues to inspire all-new possibilities for the entire foldable category.

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