6 things to consider before going for your first wax

6 things to consider before going for your first wax
Woman getting a wax.
Woman getting a wax.
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As most women come of age, we tend to try different things that will enhance our wellbeing, health and lifestyle - waxing is just one of those things.

Apart from it looking super painful (thanks to the movies and social media videos that have shown women scream while getting waxed), a wax is more effective than shaving because unlike shaving, the hair is swiftly pulled from the root through repetitive tugs, while shaving merely just trims the hair. This means that when waxing, the hair grows back slower as opposed to when you have shaved.

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However, before deciding to book an appointment for a wax there are certain things you should consider - here are 6 of them: 

1. Do not shave beforehand

Most people believe that trimming down the hairs or shaving before going for a wax will make the process smoother, however this is false. The shorter the hair, the harder it is for the wax to pull them out.

According to healthline, your hairs should be at least a quarter inch long, which is just over half a centimetre (so grow it out for about 3-4 weeks before going for your wax).

2. Painkillers can come in handy

Taking a painkiller about an hour before your appointment can reduce the amount of pain you’ll experience during the wax. But remember, the more times you wax, the less the pain will be.

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3. Exfoliate the area beforehand

Exfoliating the area you're going to wax on the morning of/ night before your wax will remove the dead skin cells and can result in you developing less ingrown hairs after the process.

4. Do not go shortly before your period or shortly after your period

According to Good Housekeeping, our skin is more sensitive to pain during that time of the month. Therefore, scheduling a wax during the first two weeks of your menstrual cycle would more ideal than scheduling one shortly before your period or shortly afterwards.

5. Wear something comfortable on the day of your wax

Wearing something tight such as jeans may irritate the skin after you get waxed. It is important to wear something that would be flow-y and comfortable.

6. Do not exercise after getting waxed

If you sweat on skin that's freshly waxed in tight yoga pants, there's no hair to absorb the sweat and the friction can cause irritation. According to Women’s Health, the sweat from the workout increases your risk of spreading bacteria to your newly-waxed skin. Rather work out before going for your wax or on a different day.


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