Capricorn | 2021 horoscope

Capricorn | 2021 horoscope
Your year in review. Image: Unsplash
Your year in review. Image: Unsplash

Capricorn 22 December – 19 January

Congratulations, you made it through 2020. You should be super proud. If you are a mid-January baby, you will be transforming even further this year. Self-scrutiny isn’t fun but you can empty out some old burdensome baggage.

During mid-May to July write that book – your creativity needs expressing but also your mind is open to new ideas and the hermit Capricorn is ready to be more sociable. By the end of the year Cappies will want to do very little of anything – maybe only muster enough energy to just lap up idyllic surroundings.


Well now, complacency just won’t cut it – you need excitement and adventure. If single, who is going to be your play mate this year? Start right away in January and February to find your forever one – you are rather determined. If things don’t go as planned, try again from end April to June. If in a relationship, spice up the romance –  it may be time for some wedding bells, too. By mid-year there is faerie dust all over your relationship house – expect some more mystifyingly idyllic romancing. Love hits a crescendo around the lunar eclipse on November 19.

Should you be complacent when things are going well financially you could miss the sound of money trickling away


You have turned the page on last year and are ready to outperform even yourself. In January and February your ambitions smash through any fears you may have had. By mid-March expect an unexpected venture or launch your own thing. June turns your work mode upside down, with things not going quite as planned – just breathe. From mid-August to October your career holds all the trump-cards, play them well. October may test your patience – just use it to fix and define the boundaries. You will be one very busy Capricorn this year.


Throughout the year, your finances go through a yin-yang effect. Exciting new financial prospects can be dampened with some administrative glitches. Mercury retrograde in February gives you the opportunity to change some financial commitments – be sure you double-check everything when you sign new contracts. Should you be complacent when things are going well financially you could miss the sound of money trickling away – short cuts aren’t advised. Pay attention and if you do things right the lucky planet could surprise you with a whopping bonus.

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