Thando Thabethe hoping to inspire young women through reality show - 'I believe in being unstoppable'

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Thando Thabethe has announced her new reality show, Unstoppable Thabooty.
Thando Thabethe has announced her new reality show, Unstoppable Thabooty.
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What was supposed to be a joke between friends during a holiday trip in summer, turned into a serious discussion.

Thando Thabethe and her best friend, Tumelo Kwena Maimela, were enjoying themselves when an idea for a reality television show came into their minds.

It has always been a dream for them to produce their own TV shows since their school days. So, when they finally sat down and talked it out, it all made sense and the timing was just right.

Thando says, “We had so much fun, and some ‘what happens in Vegas’ moments that we started toying with the idea of having a reality show. While discussing ideas with Tumi for Redwood Productions, she made me realise that I have an important story to tell, and I could inspire many young women by telling it. We started working on the reality show and the rest is history.”

The media personality will be serving big boss moves on her reality show called Unstoppable Thabooty. She tells TRUELOVE that she didn’t have to think too hard about the title.

“The name of the show is the slogan of my life. I believe in being unstoppable and unapologetic when chasing your dreams. So that’s why, Unstoppable Thabooty,” she adds.

She says working with her best friend on her first reality television show under their newly established production company, Redwood, came with so much joy.

“It has been nothing short of amazing. I have to pinch myself half the time when I think back to our times at res together and now those girls not only still have a beautiful friendship but get to realise their dreams together, that’s amazing. We work well together, which is also a testament that girls can do it, can work together, love and support one another.”

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She doesn’t want to give out too much away just yet, however, she says she will be getting real and no topic will be off limits on the show.

“We will be touching on many things, including my work, family, and friend dynamics and yes, the love of my life. You’ll have to tune in for the rest.”

She’s filled with lots of excitement when she speaks about how she’s focused on taking their production company to greater heights this year. She says she does not have any other plans at the moment.

“We are really focused on getting this production company off the ground, spending lots of time coming up with ideas with my Redwood team and pitching them to broadcasters. I’m also still at work with my Thabooty’s brand, exciting ranges coming up this year, I also have my award-winning radio show and still acting so be on the lookout for that.”

The show is set to be premiered from the 15 April on BET Africa at 19:30 pm. She says fans should expect to see some of their favorite stars making appearances on the show.

“I live in a world of celebrities so that kind happens naturally, so they’d be lots of people whom I love and admire, and you will probably see some of them there,” Thando concludes.

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