Linda Sokhulu takes on a new challenge in Grown Woman - 'The big shift for me was playing a dramedy'

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Linda Sokhulu plays Tina Hlatshwayo in 1Magic's Grown Woman.
Linda Sokhulu plays Tina Hlatshwayo in 1Magic's Grown Woman.
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We know her as the sassy Cleo Khuzwayo from the hit soapie Generations. She's also been keeping audiences glued to their screens as Zodwa in the gripping spiritual drama Umkhokha.

Now, we see seasoned actor Linda Sokhulu in a completely different light. 

Starring in Grown Woman, the talented Linda opens a whole new world of risqué comedy that shows viewers that the yearning for love doesn’t disappear, no matter the age.

Linda’s role as Tina Hlatshwayo, or Mrs H, shines a light on life after death and the escapades that follow her as she navigates a new world as a widowed mother.

Faced with having to charter unfamiliar territory with a blooming love interest as the handsome and much-younger Rakwena (played by Bohang Moeko) pursues her, Tina is led to a sexual awakening that allows her to push the boundaries in her life.

Playing the character of the 49-year-old businesswoman and mother of two who is faced with the journey of rediscovering herself after the death of her husband, Sbu, a year prior, Linda has been given the opportunity to exercise her acting skills and experiment with different kinds of characters and genres.

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Linda tells TRUELOVE all about her journey of characterising Mrs H and bringing her to life.

“I find it exciting to tackle new characters with markedly different personalities. I like to explore as many different versions [as possible] of the human condition. Tina Hlatshwayo was fun and light, whilst conflicted, trying to find herself. The genre of the show is also a dramedy, which is a fresh new challenge after more serious roles,” she explains.

Linda Sokhulu
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She understands Tina. “I relate to Tina’s love for family as well as her passion for her work. I’d say I have a greater sense of adventure by nature than Tina though.”

Working on Grown Woman has given Linda the opportunity to step outside of her comfort zone while acting in a genre that deviates from the hard-hitting soapies that she is so accustomed to.

“The big shift for me was playing a dramedy,” she says. “Working on my timing in a different way. I enjoyed playing opposite Bohang where we would challenge each other, whilst having great fun. I'd say that as an actor this was stepping out of a comfort zone.”

Such a shift does come with its challenges though, and Linda takes them as learning opportunities.

“The pace we shoot at means finding the best way to interrogate your character rather quickly. Making bonds believable in a short space of time,” she explains.

“This can be exciting when working with actors whom you share a similar outlook on the project with, but in other instances, the grace of time to make bonds is needed. I was thrilled to have worked with an ensemble that had chemistry from the get-go.”

Tina’s ambitious yet emotionally reserved character is one that many women can relate to in one way or another, and Linda is hoping to use the character to encourage women taking charge of their own narratives.

“I hope that viewers will want to take bold steps that can change their lives with greater experiences than what they’ve known. To not feel like conforming is the answer.”

Move over Beyoncé, there’s a new grown woman on the loose and she can do whatever she wants.

New episodes Grown Woman air every Friday at 21:30 on 1Magic.

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