This Body Works For Me's Wandi on life in the sex industry – ‘I won’t stop until I’m a millionaire’

Wandi Ndlovu tells us how she got her start.
Wandi Ndlovu tells us how she got her start.

It's a bit of a controversial show. 

Seven women - some in the sex industry, some who work as strippers and others as bottle girls - let South Africans into the lives.

Showmax’s new reality show This Body Works for Me certainly has viewers talking.

We catch up with one of the cast members of the show, Wandi Ndlovu. 

She works in adult entertainment, and she is unapologetic about the career she's chosen. 

The 21-year-old started working in the sex industry when she was 18 and a first-year student in varsity – she says she has no regrets.

“I love what I’m doing because it pays my bills and I’m not ashamed, I’m very proud of my job,” she tells TRUELOVE.

She's a content creator on OnlyFans as well. “I do hookups, I sleep with married men. I’m not proud of sleeping with married men but I have to pay for my bills and look after my mom and my two sisters because they are depending on me. They are not working at home, I’m the only one but I’m not under pressure. What I’m doing, I love it so much. I also do sneaky links.”

Wandi tells us more about her life as a sex worker in South Africa and being in the public eye.

1. How did you get into this industry?

At home weren’t really poor, my mother didn’t afford everything but it was a normal background where if I wanted something, I had to wait for month end.

My mother sent me to school and I dropped out … she took a loan for me to go to a college in Braamfontein. I was doing financial management and when I left class going home, I saw this man who stopped me and was driving a Mercedes Benz. It was 2018 because I completed matric in 2017.

I was scared of him but I saw a nice car and I got in but he lied to me because he was married and he only wanted to be with me for a short time. When he didn’t want me anymore, he passed me on to his friends. As time went by, I saw that these people don’t love me they just want to sleep with me and so I thought ‘let me make money out of this’.

Then while I was with this man I dropped out of school because I couldn’t manage both, going to the club, sleeping with men and being at school. I said ‘no I have to drop one, the one that is not making money for me’ – which was school – so I went for hookups.

So from there I started getting my hair done etc.

2. How did your family respond to your job when you told them?

My mom accepted me, she didn’t disown me, that’s what I love about my mother. That’s what I want people to be like, especially parents.

Your child should be able to choose for themselves to be a pornstar or an OnlyFans content creator or a stripper because it’s also a career. You can just tell them to protect themselves and use protection, go for regular tests and so on. I was shooting [the show] with my sisters and my mom and my mom said, “please don’t worry about other people, focus on me as your parent. I don’t care what you do as long as you protect yourself. I love you so much, Wandi.”

3. How does your job affect your dating life?

It really does affect it because a guy gets upset that I’m always tired when I get home. He would say, “Wandi I want you to stop because my friends say to me, ‘look at your girlfriend, she’s everywhere. If I also wanted to sleep with your girlfriend I could tell her I would pay and she would agree’”.

So it does affect the guys that I date. They say, “Wandi please stop, I’ll give you the money that you want” but they will never give me the same money that I make. I also can’t even send my boyfriend sexy lingerie pictures because people already know how my body looks.

4. How do these dating challenges make you feel?

It doesn’t make me feel good because it feels like I’m not wife material and I don’t think I’ll ever get married because of my life. For now, I don’t feel that bad but I think when I get older and look back I will feel bad, maybe I’ll wish I did it all privately and shouldn’t have been a pornstar. Now I don’t regret anything but I know in the future I will.

5. How do you set your prices?

I charge per hour, I call it short time, and then I have a different price for spending the night. I don’t like telling guys my price because some want to pay more and I don’t want to shortchange myself so sometimes I will ask the what their budget is. If I’m doing a threesome it’s double the money. While we’re doing a threesome we do change condoms, we won’t all share it.

6. What misconceptions would you like to address about your job?

I would like people to stop saying that I’m embarrassing my mother.

My mom doesn’t go with me when I go hustle, she’s always at home. So, I want people to stop saying my mom promotes sex work, my mother doesn’t promote anything and people who say that disgust me.

And people who say I don’t have a matric that I’m just a girl who has nothing and looks to men for money. It’s true but I do have matric, and I know I’m a dropout. I speak my mind, I’m straightforward, I don’t hide – this is me. I love my work so much, anything that has money I’m there. I won’t stop this hookup thing until I’m a millionaire because I know when I’m older I will suffer so let me make enough money now.  

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