Choosing schools: home schooling

Reasons for home-schooling are often religious, but also include children with special needs and those involved in sports or activities that make conventional schooling a challenge.

Home-schooling in South Africa is legal. Parents who home-school are required to first seek permission from their provincial authorities and meet a number of requirements. This is, however, quite a contentious issue.

According to the Pestalozzi Trust Legal Fund for Home Education, "many families have been refused registration without adequate reason or with no reasons given at all."

The trust says although home-schooling is legal, "most officials responsible for home education don't know the law they are required to apply and they have no knowledge of home education either.

For this reason, home educators are consistently forced to ask the courts to defend their rights against unlawful actions by officials."

Apart from the legalities, deciding to home-school your child can be challenging because essentially the onus is on you to decide what and how your child should learn.

What to bear in mind
  • There are many types of curricula available. Most are tailored for specific learning styles so choose one that will specifically suit you and your child.
  • There are home-schooling support groups available in most provinces.
  • Find out if there are any home-schoolers near you and pick their brains! Ask them what has worked for them.

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